Our investment approach

We’re taking it back to basics.

Anchor Capital is a fundamental investment company. We cover local and global markets with a powerful team of 7 CAs, 10 CFAs and a total investment group of over 20 members - all who are constantly assessing multiple markets for profitable investment opportunities.

Our approach

Our established investment process makes use of the best investment instruments, and we conduct in-depth research on everything we invest in before we make any decisions. After meeting each morning to review the current market situation and assess latest news, our team of analysts then visit different companies every day to gather data. But we don’t just look at the local market - our London office provides a holistic global perspective to work from.

In fact, we begin by analysing world markets from a macro point of view, in order to gather a deep understanding of the big picture. We then intensively focus on the individual shares that fit into this scene. Finally, with a wide selection of data and background information, we select the most attractive investment options for our clients.