The Bizank story

The South African investment environment has remained unchanged for more than a century.

That is a bad thing. Clients pay hefty fees to financial advisors and asset managers in order to invest their wealth. High fees erodes returns over time. In particular, many larger asset managers tend to struggle to deliver returns higher than the market index, especially after taking costs into account.

There is good news. Times have changed. Technology has reshaped the investment world. Technology reduces costs and amps up efficiency.

The future of asset management is here.

Bizank was born out of a very real need to shake up traditional money management processes in South Africa. In line with global trends, we’ve replaced tiers of cost with a simple, personalised service, giving clients absolute control over the management of their wealth. Bizank is a technology-driven investment platform backed by the expertise of Anchor Capital. Bizank allows clients to access direct investment portfolios managed by Anchor Capital at much reduced costs than would be the case if it is accessed through an intermediary.

So, are you ready to streamline your investment process and increase your returns?